FRC Construction Limited.

FRC Construction Ltd. are experts in the field of Formwork, Reinforcing and Concrete work with unrivalled experience both here in Ireland and internationally.

Founded by Denis Riordan, with 20 years experience in reinforced concrete construction, we approach each project with the main focus on safety and quality.

The scope of our projects include large commercial and civil projects including but not limited to bridge structures, water treatment plants, factory floors using American laser screed technology, underground car parks and much more. FRC Construction Limited. has the experience and resources necessary to undertake formwork projects of any size or nature.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or would like further information on FRC Construction Limited., please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Case Tracked Skidsteer

Level Best Box Grader

  • +/- 3mm accuracy on surface finish
  • Levels ground with ease and unparallelled efficiency
  • Great maneuverability in tight spaces
  • Ten times faster than standard methods
  • Uses Leica Geosystem laser system
  • Available in 2D for accurate grading
  • Available in 3D TPS for complex contours with several gradients
  • Huge cost savings for main contractor in terms of time and material
  • Safer work zone, no requirement for operative on the ground close to moving machinery
  • Somero Laser Screed

    We specialize in the installation of high tolerance FM1 and FM2 (super flat) floors for storage and warehouse applications. To achieve these tight tolerance finishes, as well as our unique experience, we use the Somero S485 laser screed.

    Somero are one of the leading manufacturers of laser-guided and technologically innovative machinery used in the concrete industry. FRC have invested in the Somero S485 laser screed that will guarantee a top quality finish for your project. Using Somero laser technology to level, vibrate and screed concrete will ensure that your project can reach floor class levels of FM1 and FM2. One of the main benefits of the S485 is that it can easily travel over reinforced steel and mesh allowing the installation of mesh and reinforced steel prior to the pour to allow inspection of the steel and completion of the formwork.

    Other applications which the Somero S485 can be used for are

  • Warehouses - Concrete Slabs - Driveways
  • Large outdoor yards (slopes also possible)
  • Any significant concrete pours with a large square meterage

  • Services

    FRC Construction Limited. provide a wide range of services related to the construction of reinforced concrete structures. We specialise in formwork, rebar and concrete and operate in many sectors including commercial/industrial, civil, energy and smaller scale works.


  • Agriculture - Tanks - Yards - Sheds
  • Commercial Building - Apartment Blocks
  • Domestic - House Foundations - Floors - Pipe Laying
  • Concrete Work

  • High tolerance floors and yards
  • Somero Laser Screed Technology
  • Formwork

  • Domestic Buildings - Insitu Suspends Slabs/Stairs
  • Commercial - Insitu Slabs, Stairs, Beams, Columns, Liftshafts
  • Industrial - Insitu Walls, Retaining Walls, Expansion Joints
  • Reinforcing

  • Steel Fixing
  • Plant Hire

  • Call Damien Griffin for information on 086-2758650
  • Excavator Hire - 8 Tonne & 13 Tonne
  • Tractor & Dump Trailer
  • Hedge Cutting - 8 Tonne Takeuchi with saw blade
  • Skidsteer Loader - Attachments; Sweeper, Breaker, Concrete Skip, Bucket, Forks, Auger Bis

  • For examples of previous projects please have a browse through our portfolio.

    Health & Safety

    Here at FRC Construction we ensure that on every project we undertake, health and safety is of the utmost priority and takes precedence over all other aspects of our industry. We consistantly strive to set and achieve the highest health and safety targets in the industry ensuring that that the safety of both our employees and non employees are always a priority.

    We ensure that all of our employees receieve regular comprehensive induction and training in all aspects of health and safety and are compliant with all current health and safety regulations. All machinery is tested and checked regularly.

    Safe work method statements are prioritized before commencement of any new project and all employees are made aware of the safe method we have adopted for each project before it's commencement. We constantly monitor health and safety throughout the duration of each project and identify and correct any potential risks as they arise ensuring a safe working environment for all parties involved. We view a zero accident count as a key performance indicator for each project.

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